Sensitivity Reading


I do sensitivity reading for authors and publishers at a starting rate of $350 for manuscripts up to 80,000 words. For that price, you'll get a one-page letter of feedback/analysis, and an optional 30-minute chat via phone or e-mail to clarify anything that came up in the letter.

For manuscripts 80,001 to 100,000 words, my rate goes up to $400.

For manuscripts higher than 100,001 words, the base rate of $400 increases by $0.002 per word.

If you need the review in a period shorter than two weeks, there is an additional rush fee of $0.001 per word for manuscripts up to 80,000 words. For anything higher than 80,000 words, let’s talk!

My focus is on representations of black and/or LGBTQ+ and asexual characters, due to my own personal experiences and my background in local and national advocacy and community-building with regard to race, sexuality, and their intersections. I also have a professional nonprofit background in issues regarding mental health advocacy and criminal justice reform.